Use Cases

Telecom/Internet Connection

Getting a new telecom/internet connection is usually a cumbersome process that requires a customer to dedicate a lot of time to fill-in repetitive forms and verify their identity. This process also incurs a long wait-time before the utility connection can be finalized. Velix.ID allows this process to be shortened significantly by cutting short the time required to fill in the identity forms and the verification process.
The User requests a new telecom/internet connection with a utility provider who is a Velix.ID business partner.
The User signs up with their 8-digit alphanumeric Velix ID (‘A3218749’), and authorizes share of KYC information such as Name, Birthdate, Address, and Phone No, and government issued Identity.
The Utility Provider (here, the Verified-identity Seeker) requests identity verification of the User through a 3rd party verified-identity provider (another organization/business that has already verified the identity).
The User authorizes this request, and the Verified-Identity Provider sends the verified Identity through the Velix.ID blockchain.
The identity of the User is verified and the utility connection can be installed.

Signing-Up on a Website

Signing-up on a website is a lot of hassle with having to sign-up on each website again and again— to fill all the personal information such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth, City/State/Country, Email Address, Birthdate. Then, Email address and Date of Birth have to be verified through codes that are sent to your email address and mobile phone and need to be entered on the website. This process, with Velix.ID, will be like this:
A User signs up with their 8-digit alphanumeric Velix ID (‘A3218749’) on a partner Website.
The User gets a notification from their Velix.ID app to authorize the requested information.
Velix.ID Blockchain provides the verified information to the Website (Basic PII such as Telephone no. and email address is verified by Velix.ID).
The User signs-up or logs-in to the website without requiring to verify their phone no/email address again or entering a password.

Employee Details Verification

Currently, there are no dependable methods in the global employment sector to carry out background checks and authenticate information stated in Resumes, reference letters, and previous employer details. This problem was highlighted globally when it turned out that even Yahoo CEO had lied about the details of his degree in his Resume, and had to be fired as a result of it. The entire process of background checking can be revolutionized with Velix.ID verified identities.
An applicant applies for a job with their 8-digit alphanumeric Velix ID (‘A3218749’) with a Velix.ID partner Employer.
The Employer wants to verify the reference letters, previous employment details, and college education of the applicant.
The Employer requests the verification of each information from the concerned authority directly through the Velix.ID Ecosystem (the referee, previous employer, and the University/College of the Applicant).
The Applicant (User) authorizes the request for this information.
The verified information from the verifier (verified-information provider) is shared with the Employer (verified-identity seeker).

Access to an Office Building

How many times that you just want to access an office building but they require you to write down your name, phone number, address, and entry and exit time? This can be really frustrating when you just want to quickly get-in and get-out. With Velix.ID, this process is shortened to a few taps with no chance of fraudulent entries:
At entry, the User taps their Velix.ID Card into an NFC-enabled Reader that punches in the User’s basic verified personal information (Name, Phone No., Address) and entry time.
At exit, the User taps their Velix.ID Card into an NFC-enabled Reader that punches in their exit time.

E-Commerce Checkout

You do not always want to keep ordering from the same e-commerce service, but every time you want a change, you have to enter all your information again, including typing out that long address. With Velix.ID, you can shop from any number of e-commerce services you want:
The User signs-up on an e-commerce website using their 8-digit alphanumeric Velix ID.
The e-commerce website requests the User’s basic personal data such as Name, Email, Phone no., and Address — to checkout.
The User authorizes the request to share the data.
The Checkout is complete.

Hotel Check-In

Every time a User wants to check into a Hotel, there is a host of formalities awaiting them at the Hotel reception that includes filling out lengthy forms and providing ID documents. With Velix.ID, the User can simply share their 8-digits alphanumeric Velix ID, and all of your personal information and documents will be securely sent to the Hotel management.
The User makes a reservation at the Hotel (Velix.ID partner) with their Velix ID.
The Hotel requests the User’s information on the Velix.ID Ecosystem, including their government-authorized ID Cards.
The User authorizes the request for the information.
The Hotel Check-In process is complete without requiring to fill-in long forms or verifying identity information at the reception.